Third Grade Ninja Pin Button


Available in two sizes (small and large), this scratch-resistant and UV-resistant pinback button is a great accessory for complementing your outfit, bags, instruments, and more.

Third Grade Ninja

If you’re a fan of this design, it’s also available on other products. See more pictures and product details on RedBubble!

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1st Day of School – Back to School – 3rd Grade – Third Grade Ninja

Whether your child’s school starts in August, September, or is year-round, this fun design is perfect for the first day of 3rd grade, particularly for 7 – 8 year old boys and girls who like ninjas, karate, taekwondo, judo, and other martial arts. Your kid will be the coolest kid in their 3rd grade class with this “Third Grade Ninja” design featuring the Japanese flag sun circle & symbol for Ninjutsu with a cartoon ninja karate kick.