Introduction to Gigging

Introduction to gigging, popular forms of gigging, and information on the differences between fish gigs and frog gigs.

Introduction to Jigging

Intro to jigging, the difference between speed (vertical) jigging and slow pitch jigging, and examples of jigging rods made for each style.

Introduction to Crappie Fishing

Introduction to crappie fishing with links to extensively written books and guides on how to catch crappies all year long.

Introduction to Sweep Rowing

Intro to sweep rowing, how it differs from sculling plus a link to a straightforward guide for oarsmen, coxswains, and coaches.

Introduction to Sculling (Rowing)

Introduction to sculling with links to gear & accessories for scullers as well as technical guidebooks on developing sculling skills.

Introduction to Rowing

Intro to rowing, the two types of rowing, and links to the best selling and most popular motivational & inspirational books about the sport.

Introduction to Whittling

Intro to whittling with a short list of tools you will need, example whittling kits for beginners & pre-cut whittling blanks for all levels.

Introduction to Découpage

Intro to the art of découpage with links to beginner craft kits as well as the complete Mod Podge all-in-one glue, sealant & varnish kit.

Introduction to Quilling

Intro to paper quilling plus links to a wide variety of quilling project ideas and kits for anyone from beginners to experts.

Introduction to Bow Drills

Brief intro to bow drills plus links to a fire starting bow drill kit and detailed guide books on how to make your own bow drill fires.